Saturday, May 16, 2009

Swords & Wizardry Player Handbook

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I was working on a single column layout of Swords & Wizardry for printing booklets.

I printed up and assembled a player handbook today just to see what it would look like:

I used the free OS X app CocoaBooklet to do the imposition for me.  Printing was a bit tricky since I don't have a duplex printer at home but once I got that figured out the process was pretty easy.


I got the urge to tweak the prototype booklet a bit more and trimmed the top and bottom with a paper cutter. The edges didn't come out as clean as I had hoped so I'm going to try printing a faint trim line so that they can trimming can be done before folding.

Here are the pics:


  1. Nice! I printed the White Box rules out as a digest booklet, but the font is a bit too small and I've thought of using the .doc to redo it more or less like you've done here for Core.

    Great job.

  2. That's cool! First time I've seen a digest-printed version.

  3. Thanks! I just picked up a booklet stapler so the next one should be even better.