Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chronica Feudalis Fantasy Hack

We started up a side fantasy game using the FATE inspired engine found in Chronica Feudalis.

One of our test characters, Jip the gnome teams up with a human named Siggurd on a mission to hunt down an ogre chieftain who has assembled a war host that is about to unleash its wrath on the local human settlements.

Ogre Chieftain
Vigor: 4
Ardor: 3
  • Brawl D20
  • Fitness D20
  • Strike D10
  • Command D8
  • Sense D6
  • Everything else D4
  • Club D10
  • Hide armor D6
  • Massively strong D8
  • Proven by challenge D8
  • Lumbering D8
We decided that he should have an entourage (Agents in CF parlance) of orcs. We decided to make the appearance of orcs something that is frightening in the setting and not at all common so they always appear as either agents or antagonists.

Orc Agent
Vigor: 2
  • Chase D6
  • Combat D6
  • Parley D4
  • Subterfuge D8
  • Orc scimitar D6
  • Orc bow D8
  • Quiver D6
  • Orc armor D8
  • Club D6
  • Hobnailed boots D6
  • Night vision D6
To facilitate writing up an orc protagonist we put together an orc racial package that is used in place of a mentor selection.

Orc racial package
  • Strike
  • Fitness
  • Brawl
  • Night vision d6
  • Hobnailed boots d6
Simple opponents such as goblins and kobolds are easily represented as having D4 in all skills/abilities.

So far the game has gone very well and we plan on expanding the fantasy hack. I've got some ideas on how to scale past D20 but they need more testing before posting.

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  1. This sounds really fun, Nathan. I like how you gave the trait of night vision as a tool that comes along with the orc "mentor." I'm definitely interested in seeing how this progresses.