Friday, May 22, 2009

Spirit of the Force Part 1: Health & Composure

This is the conversion that got me to thinking about starting a blog.  I've been sitting on it for about a year so it's about time...

Right after I finished reading Spirit of the Century I immediately realized that it would make for running an outstanding Star Wars game for a number of reasons including the free-wheeling ability to narrate both direct character interactions as well as vehicle chases that are so much part of the setting.  So, I jumped on and saw that others were thinking the same thing. 
This is the start of what I cobbled together from conversations there and independent work done tinkering at the gaming table.

The first thing that needed tweaked to fit the SW universe was Health & Composure.  Even though 30s pulp movies were big influences for the movie series I didn't feel as though the default damage track system quite fit.  Here's what we came up with:

Physical Stress
  • 5 boxes
  • Treat as hit points
Composure Stress
  • 5 boxes
  • Treat as hit points
  • Each box may be tagged (burned) for +3.  This is considered a Dark Side action.  More on this later.
Buy off stress with Consequences:
  • Minor -2 stress
  • Medium -4 stress
  • Severe -6 stress

Next up:  Skills


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