Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spirit of the Force Part 5: The Dark Side

I wanted the dark side of the force to be tempting and the struggle to remain true to the light side to be ongoing. I'm not a fan of GM fiat being used to determine when the dark side of The Force dominates a character's destiny. Also I did not want to use yet another dark side point system.

FATE 3.x's composure track becomes The Force track:
  • Resolve lengthens the track as normal.
  • Gain a free FATE point or +3 shifts per tick.
  • If a character takes a dark side consequence they get two free FATE points per tick for the scene.
  • Taken Out equals full and total conversion to the dark side.
  • May only carry three consequences at a time.
  • Consequences may be compelled!
Dark side consequences do not just go away after a conflict. They are a burden to the Jedi and must be atoned by ritual or through conversation with a master.

It's interesting to see Jedi characters being challenged by Sith who jeer and taunt their very way of life causing stress to the Jedi's composure track. Little by little the Jedi players become more and more tempted to tap into the power contained within the composure track so they can strike down their enemy out of hatred or to simply survive the encounter.

And that's it!


  1. I find this conversion very interesting (this is the system that SW always needed).
    And how the force powers works?

  2. Thank you, Nadie.

    The Force is handled by a little bit of overlay and integration into what Spirit of the Century already provides. The listed stunts allow moving things around conceptually and presenting them in a more coherent "Star Wars" manner.