Friday, April 30, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On Carl Macek's Passing

This past weekend Carl Macek passed away. Oh, man.

Robotech continues to inspired me to this day. The influence can be seen on this site amongst my tinkering and designs. When I was a kid his name was like that of Gary Gygax. Both held a special status and were found on things that I loved, things that made my imagination fire on all cylinders.

While Macek didn't create Macross, Southern Cross, or MOSPEADA he made it possible so that a kid who lived out in the boondocks of southwestern Pennsylvania could see Robotech - on good ole WPTT-22.

Over the years my adult tastes have drifted from Robotech to the "real" components of the saga but without the series that aired so long ago I just might not know that they even exist.

God speed, Carl. Say hi to Fokker and Gloval for me.