Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Preordered Numenera and Some Thoughts

Even though I was following development, I wasn't planning on getting Numenera but, a thread over at TheRPGSite changed my mind.

With the FLGS preorder, I received the PDF for free. I'm only about half way through character creation so I can't comment too much about the book at a whole but, wow. It's impressive.

The first thing that has stood out to me was, of course, the art. It's great and fits the theme of the game very, very well as it is extremely evocative.

Monte's opening short fiction perfectly sets the tone.

The next thing to stand out for me was the game design aesthetic. It's right up my alley: 3 main character archetypes, 3 attributes/test types, etc.

While working my way through the book, I'm imagining running D&D with the system. I'm also seeing Wuxia type action. That jumped out at me when seeing the Glaive (fighter) tiers.

Well, back to reading.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Going With Class and a Half

For the upcoming campaign, I've been sifting through bits for options. I'm pretty sure that I'll be using Weapons Mastery from the Rules Cyclopedia. From Castles & Crusades, I think I'll port over Class and a Half. It's the best multi-classing option that I've ever seen. Pick a primary class and a secondary class. Mash 'em up and go.