Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spirit of the Force Part 3: Aspects

Aspects in FATE not only are used  in the definition of characters but they also help define a game's vocabulary.  Of course Star Wars already has so much to draw from...

Core Aspect:
  • Force Sensitive
Specialty Aspects:
  • Force Surge: Available only if a trained Force user.
Lightsaber Aspects:
  • I Shii-Cho
  • II Makashi
  • III Soresu: Defensive.  Best for deflecting blaster fire
  • IV Ataru: Strong and powerful.  Best against single opponents
  • V - a Shien: Best for redirecting blaster fire
  • V - b Djem So: Focus on domination, strength, power.
Required Aspects If a Jedi:
  • Padawan: Maximum Force skill level: Average
  • Jedi Knight: Maximum Force skill level: Good
  • Jedi Master: Maximum Force skill level: Superb
Everything else related to aspects is full wide open and is handled exactly as in Spirit of the Century.

Up next: Force Stunts


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