Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chomping at the bit for Runequest 6

I've been finding myself chomping at the bit for the release of Runequest 6. I already own both versions of Mongoose Runequest, Legend, and the big gold BRP book so why the interest in 6? To be honest, at first I wasn't intrigued but I've come around.

Back in the day of shopping for RPGs at Walden Books I don't know if I ever saw Runequest on the shelf. I think I remember an ad or two in Dragon Magazine which helped build for me a sort of mystique for the game.

When Mongoose Runequest 1 was released I was on the lookout for a gritty fantasy system. I loved it while some long time Runequest fans battled it out online. On top of enjoying the game for itself, Mongoose Runequest exposed me to other D100 games. When the big gold book from Chaosium was released I scooped it up to build on the MRQ game that I was running along with OpenQuest. I wasn't disappointed.

A few years later, Mongoose announced that they were re-releasing Runequest and they did a heck of a job. It was a real improvement. When it was announced that Mongoose would no longer produce Runequest books I barely paid any mind since I already had my mitts on the game. Some "Design Mechanism" guys would be taking over the line and Mongoose would be releasing a new very non-Glortantha version called Legand and it would be all OGL. Soon Mongoose would get their book to the presses and it could be had for a buck as a PDF. That's one heck of a deal. So why the interest in Runequest 6?

Mongoose Runequest II/Legend is easily my favorite version of Runequest and the guys for making it so are The Design Mechanism guys. Pete and Loz do great work and the previews show that a high quality effort is in the works. On top of that it looks like Runequest 6 tackles some of the things that I worked around with Legend - things like movement and charging. On top of that, their tweaks make the game even better and I want to support them because their pipeline is full of stuff that I want to see.


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