Monday, February 20, 2012

Picked Up Honor + Intrigue

I recently picked up Honor + Intrigue which is based on the game engine found in Barbarians of Lemuria. Instead of playing a barbarian who crushes those in his way to hear the lamentation of the women you play a character who hums a baroque tune that dances around the glissade of flashing steel.

I'm a fan of Barbarians of Lemuria and even though it does sword and sorcery just about perfectly I don't run it often because I like combat systems that provide a bit more tactical oomph. Honor + Intrigue deftly provides that and more. It's got fencing schools and maneuvers that build on top of a tactical advantage system that really makes combat hum.

We've only run a couple of test encounters but the game has gotten two thumbs up. It doesn't hurt that I met my wife on a fencing strip. Our real life experience helped us get up to speed rather quickly. Terminology never got in the way. In fact, it helped.

The plan is to run a mini-campaign of 3-5 sessions. Where it goes from there is unknown. Maybe I'll port the concepts over to Barbarians of Lemuria. I'm also contemplating building a mecha game based on Honor + Intrigue. But for now...

En garde!


  1. Heh. Glad you enjoyed it. I need to think of how to set up a campaign.

  2. I still haven't had a chance to read it. Arrrrgh!

  3. Rob, same here. I'm trying to figure out how high to set the gonzo knob.

    Narmer, it's a fun book to read as it provides so much to get the gears turning. In fact, it's almost overload as you really want to run everything that comes to mind.