Friday, June 10, 2011

Old School Response

I've been reading as many responses to the release of Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG as I could since the game has piqued my interest. A few observations:

More than once the use of Zocchi Dice was described as a gimmick. In 1974 D&D must have been hella-gimmicky. What were they thinking?

And I've noticed a sense of anxiety over following various game approaches and rules. Guys, we're talking about a game that's about OLD SCHOOL gaming. Don't worry about Every-Single-Rule. If something doesn't sit quite right with you then don't use it or change it. If you roll something on a chart that doesn't quite fit then roll again. If you feel like making your changes is too much work and it'd be easier to play what you already have then it's a piece of cake.

Now, to finally check out the game itself.


  1. Hi Nathan,

    Good point about DCC and the every-single-rule issue. For me, the dice issue is moot, since nowadays I mostly buy an RPG to read it and pretend that I'll run it someday; I'm not going to take the next step in the delusion and develop opinions about dice I don;t own to run a game I'll likely never actually roll dice for.

    BTW, its a fun read !

    Now, Nathan, the OT bit. Get back to work on adventurer. Period. Stop looking at other games and stop writing thought provoking articles like the ones on agile game design, right frikkin' now, and get back to what I think you should be spending your time doing .....

    FYI, I've got books 1 &2 of my version of adventurer up. So, yes, I have siesed the geek high ground.

  2. I agree that it's a fun read. I'm not sure how often I'll run it but I'll be sure to give it a go at least a time or two.

    I gotta check out what you've got up. I haven't gotten to do much tabletop development recently. Between a gutted bathroom and working on launching a live-action airsoft ruleset I've been pretty tired come midnight.

    Once that's out the door I'll be assaulting up hill so find your defilade! ;)
    Here's a sneak peek of the website for the live-action game: