Friday, March 27, 2009

Character Secrets for Robotech: Team Leader & Hardened

In Robotech a military command plays an important part in the story.  It's one of the ways through which we see Rick Hunter grow as the series moves forward so I really wanted to make it part of the game.  So, here goes...

Secret of Team Leader
: The character has two wingmen under his command. This means that the Team Leader can draw pool points from the men under his command up. To do so he must succeed at a Leadership(Instinct) test which determines the maximum number of points that may be extracted from the subordinates this action. He's also able to channel these points to his Squadron Commander. Note that points can only be extracted from NPCs. If the subordinates are PCs then they assist in the normal manner. In addition, subordinates can soak harm for the commander on a 1 for 1 basis using their mecha Effect. Leadership has its burdens. For each subordinate lost in combat the commander suffers level 4 Harm (Reason) but this can be somewhat mitigated with the Hardened Secret.

Secret of Hardened: The character has become jaded to the face of violence. At most, the character suffers level 1 Harm (Reason) for an incident that would cause mental fatigue such as losing a subordinate in combat.

Hat Tip to this thread in the Arkenstone forum over at The Forge.


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